Funding and Subsidies

Claiming HRD Corp (HRDF) Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas (SBL-Khas)

SBL-Khas provides opportunity for HRD Corp-registered employers to retrain and upskill their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.

All public and corporate training programs/courses conducted by FutureSkills Institute are claimable, subject to prior application to HRD Corp by the employers and HRD Corp’s approval. Once approved, HRD Corp will directly debit from the levy accounts of employers to pay the training fees incurred to FutureSkills Institute with the authorization of the employers concerned. No upfront payment is required. For more information on SBL-Khas, please visit:

Training programs/courses can be carried out by internal trainers or by external trainers where there is a lack of expertise. Where local expertise is not available, organizations can also engage qualified trainers from overseas.

How To Claim

  1. Log into the e-TRiS system.
  2. Click on the application icon and fill out the required form. Then attach the following supporting documents:-
    o Receipts;
    o Payment vouchers;
    o Other related documents, where applicable.
  3. Submit the duly completed form to PSMB upon completion of training for reimbursement of “allowable costs”.

*HRD Corp may request other relevant documents deemed necessary for verification or confirmation purposes.

*Additional information for HRD Corp HRDF SBL-Khas applicants:

Rates of Financial Assistance

SBL-Khas is not a subsidy scheme for the retraining and skills upgrading of workers by employers. Rather, SBL-Khas will provide financial assistance to defray a portion of the “allowable costs”; all retraining and skills upgrading programs undertaken by employers should be seen as cost-sharing efforts. However, employers are eligible to claim up to the last cent of levy paid in any current year. It is hoped that the effort of training and retraining of the workforce will be continuously increased.

The rates of financial assistance with effect from 16 July 2000 are as follows:

Types of training

(a) Skills Areas Rate of Financial Assistance, Subject to the Maximum Allowable Costs
1. Technical Skills 100%
2. Craft Skills 100%
3. Quality And Productivity Related Skills 100%
4. Computer Related Skills 100%
5. All Other Retraining & Skills Upgrading 85%